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The storage method of different materials for large flow filters is different

Time:2020-01-10 View:569

  The storage method of large flow filter elements of different materials is not exactly the same. We need to place them in the designated area according to the different materials. In addition, when storing, be sure to classify them according to brand, type, specifications and batches to avoid confusion and trouble when taking them.

  In the storage warehouse of the large flow filter element, other harmful gases or corrosive media should not be placed, and the products should be reasonably placed. In addition to ensure proper temperature control, try to keep observation of changes in the warehouse, you can install a thermometer or hygrometer

  Except for storage in accordance with the requirements, if the storage time is relatively long, try to let a specialized person manage it and check it regularly, so as to ensure that we can maintain good performance when we take it.

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